Treasurebucks is the new currency!


Purchase Treasurebucks online or at Treasures Roadhouse.

Purchase Treasurebucks online or at Treasures Roadhouse.

Introducing Treasurebucks – the new gift certificate available for use at Treasures Roadhouse.
They come in $5 and $10 denominations – perfect to pay for your favorite Treasures Roadhouse show. You can also use them to pay for rehearsal rentals, performance rentals, or even for a bag or two of peanut M&Ms during intermission.
A conversation piece – they are easily shared and can make a unique gift.

Not only that, but for a limited time, if you buy $100 worth, we will only charge you $90.

You can buy these online by clicking the button below.

Use the drop-down menu to choose the amount you want. We will mail you a mix of 5s and 10s right away.
(Forgive the $2.25 handling and postage fee – that’s to cover the PayPal fee and of course, the postage to mail your Treasurebucks!)

How many Treasure Bucks do you want?

Your Treasurebuck purchase is appreciated and will help keep this “treasured” venue in business.